Generational channge

33 years, Beat Messerer passionately and with great love for detail created unique jewelry creations. He led his company with dedication and enthusiasm, with cordial customer service and a fine sense for form, quality & harmony. After 33 years of tireless efforts, Beat Messerer will give Messerer Juwelier AG into new hands at the end of June 2017. Ramona Matthaei, a trained goldsmith and entrepreneur, will take over the traditional house from 1 July 2017. Our long-standing goldsmiths will continue to support them. Ramona Matthaei has been successfully self-employed since 2012. More about Ramona Matthaei and her previous activities, you will find on her homepage:

Münsterhof 14

The house, where our jewelery shop is located, can look back on a long history. The oldest news about the house Münsterhof 14, "Zum AST" (formerly "Zum Aff"), dates back to 1293. For a time, this house belonged to the Fraumunster Abbey. Over the centuries, a lot has changed in architecture and in 1866 the entire facade was heavily reworked. In 1835, the parapluie manufacturer J.D., who came from Belgium and Frankfurt am. Hoigné-Nüscheler the umbrella factory at the Münsterhof 14. He also opened a shop in Basel and Paris, from where he brought the latest screenings to Zurich twice a year. In 1974 the umbrella business was sold by the Hoigné family to a shield ring. From 1933 to 1984, the goldsmithing business of Nino Pioda was established and since 1984 MESSERER JUWELIER AG has been working at the Münsterhof 14. Since July 2017, Ramona Matthei has succeeded Beat Messerer, who successfully managed the jewelery business for 33 years.


With pleasure we look back to two successful exhibitions in Singapore: The JewelFest 2015 in October, as well as our solo exhibition at the high-quality Opera Gallery in November. Numerous visitors and customers expressed the appreciation of our designs and the outstanding workmanship. Our offer of fine gemstones impressed and found great admiration.


In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of René Lalique’s birth, in April 2010 the firm Lalique of Paris presented an exceptional necklace featuring 809 diamonds and 2 emeralds set in white gold 750. This piece was based on an image painted by René Lalique in 1899. The serpent motif inspired him in his creations of jewelry, decanters and vases. This particular design concept was never executed before 2010. Messerer Juwelier was commissioned by Lalique of Paris to carry out a modern interpretation of this necklace design in the spirit of René Lalique.